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At Market Analyst Software we strongly believe that to be successful, you require a good education. We have listed here some of the educational companies which we believe are worth your time investigating. You need to spend the time asking them questions to find the one that suits you the best.

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Educators in Alphabetical Order

Aerodynamic InvestmentsAerodynamic Investments

Connie Brown is the author of 4 books and is the founder of Aerodynamic Investments Inc, which is responsible for documenting the methods of W.D.Gann for the Body of Knowledge being compiled by the International Federation of Technical Analysts and the American Technicians Association.

For more information visit http://www.aeroinvest.com/


  • South Carolina, USA (with resources that can be purchased world wide).

Point of Difference

  • Utilising the market timing methods of WD Gann.

Resource Medium

  • A series of books on Professional trading and technical analysis
  • Daily Report
  • Trading Seminars
  • Advanced Gann Seminars

Alan Oliver

Trading With the GodsLearn with the trader who forecast and traded the September 11 2001 market crash…

Using a combination of Gann tools, Fibonacci counts and his own mathematical discoveries, Alan instructed his broker to sell short multiple contracts on the SPI on September 11 Australian time. The trade was closed out September 12 for a windfall profit, albeit with mixed emotions. This was one of three winning consecutive trades taken in 30 days that returned sensational profits.

With traders asking for more details, the best selling book “Trading with the Gods” was released, detailing Alan’s chart analysis and how he correctly analysed this event and many others. More details are available on http://www.tradingwithgods.com/

With overwhelming response to the book by readers who love the clear, easy to comprehend style, a comprehensive manual of Gann and Fibonacci tools has been put together to help others learn these amazing tools.

Alan Oliver’s ‘Trading DNA” manual gives you the right information, tried and tested at the coalface by this Australian author. It contains chapters on Psychology, Chart Patterns, Dates, Time, Price, Gann fan, Fibonacci, Share Price Index, Trading Plans, Leveraging using CFD’s, Swing charts…all written in easy, plain English using current Australian stocks to demonstrate the techniques. With a very affordable price so anyone can learn, the manual comes with a dedicated website to pose questions to the author and read other questions and answers. Residents of S.E. Queensland may also attend fortnightly group meetings at no cost with other manual owners to meet and discuss manual techniques.


  • Australia (with resources that can be purchased world wide).

Point of Difference

  • Individual contact to author by e-mail or telephone or in person
  • Unlimited lifetime support with no ongoing costs
  • Website forum with Q&A by other members to read and learn from
  • Fornightly meetings with other Brisbane members free of charge

Resource Medium

  • Handsome binder delivered to your door by Express mail delivery
  • Dedicated website only available to manual owners
  • Group meetings chaired by the author for direct contact

Bennett McDowell - TradersCoach.com®

TradersCoach®TradersCoach.com®, launched in 1999 by trading system expert Bennett McDowell, is a worldwide leader in trader education and support.  Dedicated to providing a no-nonsense and honest approach to trading the markets, TradersCoach.com® has impeccable integrity and is a member of the USA’s Better Business Bureau’s online network. The website is also recognized as one of the industry’s foremost trading education centers and has received a variety of “Stocks & Commodities” magazine Reader’s Choice Awards over the years.

Providing quality products and services to the trading community, TradersCoach.com® is probably best known for its trading system and software, Applied Reality Trading® (also know as ART®).  In keeping with the company’s core philosophy, this software is based purely on reality as opposed to distortions of reality.  ART® works on all time frames and in all markets and is currently used by traders in over 40 countries around the world.  The ART® trading and investing software has also won a variety of S & C’s Reader’s Choice Awards.

McDowell, founder of TradersCoach.com®, is considered an expert in technical analysis and complex trading platforms. He lectures in the USA and writes articles for many leading trading publications including “Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities” magazine and Trade’s World magazine.  He has also written two books published by John Wiley & Sons which are “A Trader’s Money Management System” and “The ART® of Trading” both released in 2008.  His latest book by Wiley is due out end of 2009 and is entitled “Survival Guide For Traders”.  Many students come from all over the world to study with Bennett in his home town of San Diego, California.  He can be reached via Info@Traderscoach.com.

For more information, go to www.traderscoach.com


  • San Diego, California (with resources that can be purchased world wide).

Point of Difference

  • In person and on-line education covering money management, technical analysis, Elliott Wave forecasting, trading psychology and risk management
  • Software tools for high probability entries and exits, money management, record keeping, trade sizing and risk control

Resource Medium

  • ART®, Applied Reality Trading®, lifetime trading and investing software combined with risk control
  • ART®, Applied Reality Trading® home study course including a 4-DVD set and a one-on-one private consultation with Bennett McDowell
  • Trade Size Calculator™ software to automatically determine optimal trade size
  • The Trader’s Assistant™ record keeping and money management software
  • One-on-one personal phone consultations with Bennett McDowell for coaching on any aspect of trading including system design, psychology, money management and more
  • 2-day in person live tutorials in San Diego, California with Bennett McDowell

Dale Gillham - Wealth WithinWealth Within

Are you serious about taking the necessary steps toward achieving a secure and profitable future?  Are you looking for an approach to trading where consistent results are achievable? Tired of trading failures taking all the fun out of your investment efforts?

Then look no further! Wealth Within is Australia’s only government accredited share market educator who actively proves that the strategies we teach work by trading millions of dollars on behalf of clients.

Finally, a company that is willing to walk the talk!

Since 1998 Dale Gillham, 'one of the country's most respected analysts' (Wealth Creator Magazine, Nov/Dec 2004) and author of the popular book 'How to Beat the Managed Funds by 20%', has assisted traders and investors to become confident and profitable in the share market. Tired of an industry saturated by quick fix gimmicks and expensive short-courses, Dale established Wealth Within to provide genuine education and support, as well as independent investment advice to traders and investors who have become disillusioned by the market for one reason or another.

With so much hype surrounding the share market, Dale has sought to raise the bar in the industry to set quality standards in the level of education being delivered by developing Australia’s first and only Diploma and Advanced Diploma of Share Trading and Investment. This is our guarantee that you are receiving the highest quality share trading education available in Australia today. It also means that our courses are independent evidence that you will be competent in the techniques and strategies taught.

Dale firmly believes that your success in the share market involves the right combination of techniques and strategies to ensure you trade the market safely, confidently and profitably. It is for this reason that Dale and his team teach you the classical techniques and strategies of analysis that have proven over the last 100 years to be the essence of success in the share market.

The benefit to you is that Dale and his team have refined these techniques and strategies to present them in a simple, effective, down to earth manner that will ensure you save time and money, which means you will be making money in the markets much sooner than you otherwise would.

So why do more Australian’s choose Wealth Within? 

Because we are serious about your success in the share market - in fact the success of our clients has drawn considerable attention from the media with clients being profiled on A Current Affair, and in the Herald Sun, the Dynamic Small Business Magazine and the Courier Mail.

In a nutshell, the knowledge and practical hands on skill you gain will enable you to confidently formulate trading strategies based on the specialist techniques taught so you can safely and profitably trade the share market.

To learn more about how Wealth Within can help you achieve your financial goals in the share market visit Wealth Within’s website:



  • Australia, New Zealand & Singapore

Point of Difference

  • Accredited share trading education at Diploma and Advanced Diploma level
  • Guarantee of quality
  • Focus on the classical techniques of technical analysis
  • Proven track record trading tens of millions of dollars on behalf of clients

Resource Medium

  • Home Study Course
  • One on one Coaching
  • E-mail / Trading Support
  • Online Forum
  • Online Workshops

Wealth Within holds AFSL No: 226347

Horizon Professional

Horizon Professional is a leading provider of meaningful wealth education. For those who attend our courses and use our products you will maximise your chances of creating a measurable difference in your knowledge, facilitating you to move towards your financial, and so lifestyle goals.

Our educational programmes with a focus on using share market products as part of your overall wealth creation, and strategic alliances developed with other leading edge wealth creation companies, will provide you with the tools to make a difference to your life. Through our courses and products you will learn the POWER of our Lifestyle Objective Trading System that will accelerate turning your dreams into reality.

Visit www.HorizonProfessional.com.au for more information.


  • Australia

Point of Difference

We adopt a step by step systemised path of taking the potential investor to a place of readiness both educationally and psychologically to trade through identification of trading purpose, development of a plan consistent with this purpose, testing of their plan and then to trading.

Finally of course we give clients the tools to measure their success not just in terms of dollar outcome but in quality of decision making to maximise success on a sustained basis.  As the investor grows in confidence the same system used to move to the next level of capital or with a new vehicle.

This ‘hand-holding’ to build confidence via our clients coaching systems, through the early stages of an investment career has been the major attraction to clients in choosing Horizon Professional for their wealth education. Many of our clients are particularly interested in increasing cash-flow and so much of our education is focussed on developing a covered call strategy.

Resource Medium

Our primary educational product is a four month mentored programme comprising weekly coaching and workshops throughout the duration of the course

Educated Investor

Educated Investor

Educated Investor is Australia's leading specialist investment bookshop and seminar centre, located in the heart of the Melbourne financial district, just a short walk up from the Australian Securities Exchange. There is plenty to interest all investors at the shop, whether you are new or seasoned, young or old. With Software demonstrations, regular book launches and educational seminars, there's always something happening - Regardless of what the All Ords is doing. For those unable to visit the shop, have a look at the website (http://www.educatedinvestor.com.au/), complete with product links and suggested reading - it's one stop e-shopping made easy.


  • Melbourne
  • Distributes Australia wide

Point of Difference

  • Provides educational resources on investing.

Just Shares

Just Shares

Easily learned, our approach to share trading will help you make the most of share trading opportunities.

  • You'll learn powerful, clear and easy-to-follow trading techniques.
  • You'll benefit from our experienced trainers, they are motivated to help you succeed.

To find out more, visit our website and join us for one of our cost and obligation free introductory sessions.

You'll see, hear and experience our powerful no nonsense approach to share trading, No hidden extras. Just quality training and real trading techniques.

Just Shares customers rate our training at an unheard of 4.5 out of 5. Visit http://www.justshares.com.au/ for more information


  • Classroom based training in Sydney, Brisbane & Melbourne.
  • Throughout Australia with our Distance learning programme (home based study) for the convenience and comfort of learning at home at your own pace.
  • One day training and advanced training courses also available.

Point of Difference

  • Full money back guarantee
  • On-going and comprehensive telephone and e-mail support for as long as you need it.
  • The ability to resit any or all of the training sessions as many times as you want.
  • No on-going fees
  • Exclusive graduate only offers for books, meetings and events.

Resource Medium

  • Face to face training in a classroom environment with a small class size.
  • Distance learning through our computer based learning modules. Your study is supported by your own personal Distance Learning tutor to ensure that you never feel distant.

Lambert Gann Educators

Lambert Gann Educators

Lambert-Gann Educators, Inc. is a company dedicated to providing the true pathway to the trading methods of W. D. Gann. The teachings are based directly on the original writings, hand-drawn charts and calculators of Mr. Gann.

Nikki Jones, owner of Lambert-Gann Publishing, Inc., and the Gann archives, is giving the world access to Mr. Gann's original works through these teachings.

Lambert-Gann Educators, Inc. also provides a FREE W. D. Gann email newsletter.

To subscribe, go to: http://www.lambertganneducators.com/

Market Insight

Jason Sidney is the Managing Director of Market Insight Pty Ltd.

Market Insight Pty Ltd is an educational company that promotes the use of geometry as a forecasting and analysis tool for financial markets. These techniques have been used by analysts for close to one hundred years, and attempt to create "order" from apparent "random" activity using the basics of mathematics. Market Insight Pty Ltd promotes a scientific approach to the analysis of markets, to help investors make informed decisions in an objective manner.

To learn more about these techniques and how they’re applied to financial markets, subscribe now to our FREE newsletter "Analyst Insight", and become part of the Market Insight Pty Ltd program. http://www.marketinsight.com.au/

Market Insight Pty Ltd is an authorised representative - number 289520 of Halifax Investment services Ltd - AFSL No: 225973

National Institute of Financial Studies

National Institute of Financial Studies

The National Institute of Financial Studies and its affiliated companies have developed an outstanding reputation for offering practical, comprehensive and innovative seminars and courses. Nationally and internationally, the Institute is considered a premier source of applied financial information. In addition to a large range of quality education services, the National Institute of Financial Studies has contributed significantly to the field of finance and technical analysis.

The Education and Development team at the Institute is regularly in contact with industry experts to ensure the material being presented is up-to-date and relevant. Being a Registered Training Organisation you can be confident of the quality of your education. The Institute offers a range of accredited and non-accredited courses. Furthermore, nationally qualified presenters and assessors supervise and develop all materials and presentations. If you're thinking about improving your financial performance please contact the National Institute of Financial Studies.

For more information go to: http://www.nifs.net.au/

Astrology For Gann Traders

Olga Morales :: Astrology For Gann TradersInvest in Ancient Knowledge.

Have you always wanted to understand Gann’s esoteric secrets?

Astrology for Gann Traders offers a unique educational experience for seekers wishing to decipher the esoteric mysteries veiled within the teachings of legendary trader W.D. Gann.

Olga Morales, professional astrologer and Gann trader, has developed an independent online study course, specifically designed to teach basic to more advanced astrological techniques. The courses follow an easy step-by-step format with audio/visual tutorials produced on DVD. In the comfort of your own home, you will now have access to progressive, comprehensive and practical tools to short-cut your learning and enhance your trading. These courses are designed specifically for those interested in Gann Trading, Financial Astrology and Arcane Biblical prophecy.

For more information go to: http://www.astrologyforganntraders.com.au/

Ray Barros

Science of Trading Course (STC) - The Course can be taken as Theory only or Theory plus Trading Coaching. Ray Barros, one of Australasia's finest teachers and trading Coaches and Traders, will tutor you.

Ray Barros started trading when a suburban lawyer in the early 1970s. Like most he did not find it easy and lost money. Trial and error lead him to understand that the way he was taught to trade like many others just did not suit him and most people. He spent thousands of hours studying while making the transition from full time lawyer to trader. Since then Ray Barros has devoted his life to trading and learning how to make it better for other traders and beginners through his Trading coaching.

The Coaching he offers is simply second to none introducing students to methods you are unlikely to have seen and teaching you a way of thinking that will take you far beyond the Course Graduation.

Students are taught Ray's methods of analysis money management and trading in the Theory Section. The theory part culminates in a Complete Trading Plan for the student. This can take most students 12 to 18 months to complete. If you as the student wish to progress further and are accepted by Ray Barros for Trading Coaching, you enter the Trading Section. The trading Section is where Ray Barros holds your hand while you trade and iron out any of the errors and psychological barriers to trading success. Your Trading Plan will be refined and strengthened with Ray Barros at your side.

More information can be obtained from http://www.tradingsuccess.com/

Ross Beck, FCSI

Ross Beck

Ross Beck, FCSI is the author of “The Gartley Pattern” by Wiley and Sons publishing and is the editor of the Gartley Trader newsletter. In 2007 Ross was ranked #1Stock Index CTA in the world based on Sharpe Ratio by Barclay's Trading Group. For more information visit www.gartleytrader.com


  • Washington, USA (with resources that can be purchased world wide).

Point of Difference

  • Leading authority on the analysis techniques used by H.M. Gartley.
  • Fellow of the Canadian Securities Institute.
  • Member of the Market Technicians Association.
  • Internationally acclaimed public speaker

Resource Medium

  • “The Gartley Pattern” Book by Wiley and Sons Publishing.
  • Gartley Module for Market Analyst 6.
  • Weekly Newsletter.
  • Gartley Webinars.

Sacred Science Institute

Sacred Science Institute is the leading publisher and distributor of works on W. D. Gann, classical works on technical analysis, financial astrology and related topics necessary for deeper research into financial market forecasting analysis and trading.  If you would like to learn to use the numerous tools contained in Market Analyst Gann or Astro Editions, we can provide you with the resources you need to make these important tools work for your trading and to master the full use of the advanced tools available in Market Analyst. Sign up for our newsletter to keep informed of the latest discoveries and publications in this field.

Point of Difference

  • The Complete Collected Courses of W. D. Gann
  • Largest catalog of rare books from W. D. Gann’s Recommended Reading List
  • Classical Works on Technical Analysis and Forecasting by the Great Market Masters
  • Over 30 Books & Courses on Financial Astrology and Astroeconomics
  • Courses on W. D. Gann by Daniel T. Ferrera & Dr. Jerome Baumring
  • Classics texts by R.N. Elliot, George Bayer, Tubbs, Benner, Schabacker, Cole, Dewey & more…
  • Huge collection of technical trading systems, cycle works, and forecasting techniques 

Resource Medium

  • Maroon suede hardcover reprints of the great market texts shipped worldwide
  • 30 Years of experience in W. D. Gann and related technical market subjects
  • Recommendations of useful works to help better use the analysis tools in Market Analyst
  • Largest collection of scientific and esoteric research works used by advanced market analysts

Visit www.sacredscience.com to see our full catalog of financial, scientific and esoteric research texts.

Dr. Goulden is predominantly a researcher of esoteric sciences, a metaphysician. He holds an M.A. in History, an M.Phil. in Philosophy of Science and a Ph.D. in Metaphysics. His research at Cambridge University focused on the theory-dependence of scientific observation.

Some years ago, a friend who worked at an investment bank mentioned that he was attempting to apply the trading methods of a gentlemen named W.D. Gann, who was very successful in the 1900s. Dr. Goulden, not being interested in money or the financial markets, paid little attention. Several months later, his friend approached him again, suggesting that Mr. Gann's methods were very esoteric and were not being revealed in the public literature. "You are the only person I've ever met that might understand what he was really doing…."

Piqued by this challenge, Dr. Goulden began to investigate the methods of Mr. Gann, seeing the exercise as that of applied metaphysics to a particular field of energy mechanics. Although, in many respects, he has a certain distaste for the manipulated practices of the financial markets, his book, Behind The Veil, is the result of his analysis of their deeper workings and the discovery of techniques which can be used to the trader's advantage.



School of Gann

School of Gann

David Burton runs the School of Gann teaching only the authentic methods of W.D.Gann. David has decoded his books "Tunnel thru the air" and courses after more than ten years full time study. W.D.Gann was a financial astrologer and coded his works through the science of letters, numbers and cycles.

David has been studying financial astrology since 1980 and studying the methods of W.D.Gann since 1983. David is one of the leading authorities on Gann in the world and has spoken at the Chicago Board of Trade, Astro-economic conferences in the U.S.A as well as locally.

David was the only person to publicly forecast in advance:-

  • The 130 year high in cotton in 1995
  • The 737 year high in wheat in 1996
  • Major bull market in cotton in 2001
  • Major bull market in soybeans in 2003

......and many more.

In 2002 David offered to teach only twice a year a four day workshop called "Mastering Markets" teaching only the authentic methods of W.D.Gann

In 2005 David developed the W.D.Gann "Home Study Course" for novices and people who need to refresh there knowledge of Gann's methods.

Visit his website at http://www.schoolofgann.com/ for more details.

David holds AFSL. No 241371

Share Star Systems

Share Star Systems

Trevor Hurst has more than 30 years professional experience in the self-made wealth industry. As the founding partner of a very successful financial planning company, he quickly discovered the need for financial education in the community and has worked tirelessly ever since to help fill that need at an affordable cost.

With the arrival of personal computers and the internet, Trevor saw the opportunity this presented to virtually anyone who wished to make money from the share and currency markets using the power and simplicity of Technical Analysis.

Trevor’s passion and Share Star’s focus is to help the newbie cut through the mass of misconceptions and ignorance surrounding the markets, peel back veil of mystique and quickly see how profitable trading and investing with just a few simple tools and techniques can be. Over the last 10 years, this passion has led Trevor to develop and refine Share Star Systems which he is now making available worldwide.

For more information visit http://www.sharestar.com.au


  • Queensland Australia (with resources provided worldwide).

Points of Difference

  • Highly profitable techniques designed specifically for beginners.
  • Extreme simplicity
  • Maximum safety
  • Low cost

Resource Medium

  • E-Manual
  • Weekly e-Letter
  • Crystal clear, widescreen full 1080 High Definition educational videos
  • Email support


StockCourseAs an independent, professional Stock Market Training and Education provider, StockCourse designs workshop programs to help people safely enter the exciting world of trading. You are never too young, too old or too experienced to study with StockCourse. Take a look at our Testimonials and read what our students say about us.

StockCourse offers a variety of ways to learn. After purchasing our Home Study Stock and Option Package, your education and support is ongoing from the comfort of your home. StockCourse offers you Life Time Support and further education through the latest technology of internet webinars. Our weekly one hour Market Update webinar extensively covers the market direction in Australia and the US. We explain and show you how to source all the global news and economic data for the past and future weeks, which has and will affect the market.

You learn from our experience. Our staff are seasoned traders. We don’t just teach trading - we live trading! When you learn from StockCourse you are getting not just book knowledge, but something much more valuable – knowledge that is the result of personal experience.

Our education is your peace of mind. StockCourse is a renowned educator of stock market trading. When you participate in our workshops, you will learn how to trade stocks and options safely.


Point of Difference

  • Weekly Webinars: The live Monday Night Student Support/Weekly Update and Thursday night Coaching & Mentoring Webinars are invaluable in assisting with trading, and provide an ongoing learning environment where students can have their questions answered instantly.
  • Support: Students are able to phone the office during business hours for support, or email us for a prompt reply.
  • Community: You have access to a community of like-minded traders through our online community, and the opportunity to attend live group meet-ups.
  • Ongoing Learning: StockCourse runs Stock & Options webinars approximately every six weeks to reinforce the foundation knowledge, building on the practical experience the students are gaining as their trading progresses.
  • New Trading Opportunities: As the market changes, so our trading strategy must change in order to stay profitable. The key is knowing which strategy for what market conditions. Each week Lyn presents trading plans based on stocks in her "Spotlight" that are most suitable to the current market conditions.
  • Live Trading Nights: StockCourse hosts Live trading nights periodically depending on market conditions - a fantastic hands on experience held at our Brisbane office. (Soon to be relocating to Sydney).
  • Live Trading Webinars: StockCourse also runs Live Trading Night Webinars which everyone can enjoy from the comfort of their own home. These nights are held when the market conditions are 'just right', such as a big news announcement that will provide a big market move.


  • Australia- With Education and Resources that are offered world-wide.

Stock Cycles Forecast

The Stock Cycles Forecast Website is operated by professional trader and publisher of the Stock Cycles Forecast newsletter, Michael S. Jenkins. Mr. Jenkins has been a professional on Wall Street for 33 years and is a frequent commentator on television and radio, and is often the subject of numerous popular financial magazine and newspaper articles.

Mr. Jenkins has been a successful money manager for bank trust departments, mutual funds, and N.Y.S.E. Specialist firms and currently day trades professionally. He has written and published since 1985 the Stock Cycles Forecast newsletter which has been acclaimed for having pinpointed the 1987 stock market crash almost to the exact day, the 1990 market top, and the 1998 top to the day along with almost all the other major cyclical turns in the market for the past fifteen years including the big Bear Market of 2000. He has written three best selling books on professional trading as well as a complete stock market forecasting and trading course.

For more information visit http://www.stockcyclesforecast.com/


  • New York, USA (with resourses that can be purchased world wide)

Point of Difference

  • Study of the geometry and cycle forecasts of the markets

Resource Medium

  • Newsletter with a detailed daily forecast of the market with specific stock recommendations
  • A series of books on professional trading
  • Stock market forecasting and trading home study course

Traders 4 Traders

Traders 4 Traders

This is not Forex training presented by "Salesmen" with a collection of manuals, CD's, and high promises. At Traders 4 Traders you will be trained by Professional FX Traders who have all had a minimum of 15 years experience working for banks on Interbank Forex trading Desks.

It is this "market experience" that is the key element to our currency training and makes us unique from other Forex training programs. We have traded through numerous wars, coups and market crises. You will not find this level of experience anywhere else. Join Traders4Traders and benefit from this extensive market knowledge.

There are no fancy tricks or secret methods to our Forex Training. It's simple, hands on and specifically targets profitable trading strategies, removing the 'noise' which can often cloud your judgement.


  • Classroom based training in Sydney, Brisbane & Melbourne
  • 2 day course with ongoing support

Point of Difference

  • The only Forex Training Workshop taught by Professional Currency Traders, who all have had a minimum of 15 years experience working on commercial Forex trading desks.
  • Once you complete the course you have 12 month subscription to the T4T Forex Club.

Resource Medium

  • Traders 4 Traders Workshop Manual
  • Face to face training in a classroom environment with a small class size.
  • Daily, Weekly Newsletter
  • Membership to T4T Forex Club
Achieve your personal wealth dreams sooner, contact Traders4Traders today on 1300 355 749 or visit our website at www.traders4traders.com.au