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Dynamic Gann Levels

Written by Administrator Tuesday, 18 September 2007 10:00
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Dynamic Gann Levels (Designed by Donald Fisher) draw projection lines based on user selected points and the squaring of price and time. For more information on the Dynamic Gann Levels visit the Dynamic Gann Level Page. http://dgl.topcities.com/

Using it

1. To add Dynamic Gann Levels, select DGL from the Gann tool group. Your mouse pointer will change into a pencil.

2. Select your starting point (the origin for the Dynamic Gann Levels).

3. Select the second point of the range of the Dynamic Gann Levels. Your end point can be forward or backward in time, up or down in price, allowing full control over how you draw the Dynamic Gann Levels.

4. Select a third point to begin extending the Gann Level lines.

The length of the lines is determined by how far in time your fourth selected point is from your third selected point. As with the other tools, you can manipulate this at a later stage if you require.

Dynamic Gann Level Actions and Properties


Save Settings As Default:    Once settings have been changed on a tool (colour for example), you have the ability to save these settings as the default.  This means the next time you apply the tool to a chart, the new settings will already be selected, without the need for you to adjust them manually.

Restore Default Settings:    If you have altered the default settings of a tool, and wish to change them back to the program defaults, click this action.

Add Tool to Group:    This action exists for all tools available in Market Analyst and allows you to add the selected tool to either a custom tool folder, or the tool bar (located along the top of the program window).


Font:    This property allows you to customise the look of the font used in the tool. You can change the font style, make the font bold, italic or underlined, you can even change the colour of the font.

Line Type:    Change the line type used to draw the lines. you have a choice of Solid, Big Dash, Small Dash and Dotted.

Width:    Sets the width of the tools line.

Colour:    Allows you to select the colour of the tools line.  Clicking on the drop down arrow will display a colour swatch.  Locate the desired colour and left click it once to select it.

Show Labels:    Check this box to display the price values. Uncheck the box to hide these values.

Extend Lines:    Check this box to automatically extend the Dynamic Gann Level lines.

Show 50% Channel:    Select this option to display / hide the 50% Channel line.

50% Colour:    Sets the colour of the 50% line.

Transparency:    Use this slider bar to adjust the transparency of the tool.  Moving the slider to the left will increase the transparency of the tool.

Visible:    Un-tick this checkbox to hide the tool from the chart.